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How do I get the Manual Trigger to work on 4030?

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 01:01PM PDT
Applicable Model: 4030

Q: How do I get the Manual Trigger to work on 4030?

A: You must first set the Rate Knob completely counter clockwise to 10M (100n). Then you set the unit to your desired Width and press the Manual Trigger Button. The 4030 will then output a single pulse.

The 4030 does NOT support manual triggering in any other rate ranges.

If you set the Rate switch to the 10M position and the "Width" switch to the 50mS and the "Mode" switch to manual trigger, then set the volt/division switch on your O-Scope to 2V or 5V and your time/division respectively at 50mS. When you push the manual trigger you will see a 50mS pulse (one division horizontally). You may have to push it a couple of times because sometimes the trigger pulses off the screen. To verify that the pulse is actually triggering you can hook the unit up to a counter that has a "Total" feature.  Every time you push the trigger the counter will count 1 pulse. If you change your volts/division switch to 500mS and leave all the other settings the same as above, you will see the pulses very clearly.

To continue viewing the trigger, make sure that the "Width" switch and the time/division switch on your O-Scope match. There will come a point where the trigger is too fast for your eye to view it using an analog scope. If you leave the time/division at 500mS or 50mS you will be able to view faster pulses but it will be a very dim and quick dot and you will have to look closely to see it; but once again, verify the pulse by the counter.  It should go up 1 every time you push the button.
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