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I'm getting intermittent issues using Ethernet interface to communicate with my XLN power supply via the web interface.

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 03:43PM PDT
Applicable Models:  XLN3640-GL, XLN8018-GL, XLN6024-GL, XLN10014-GL, XLN15010-GL, XLN30052-GL, XLN60026-GL

Q: I'm getting intermittent issues using Ethernet interface to communicate with my XLN power supply via the web interface.

A: Intermittent issues via ethernet connection can be caused by several factors.  Problems could exist either from the network the power supply is connected to, the cable used, or the PC.

Here's a quick guide for troubleshooting intermittent problems with using web interface.
  1. First, be sure that all ethernet settings are correct and that you are able to access the web GUI interface by entering the configured IP address within the browser.
  2. Be sure that you are using a browser that supports Java or has Java plug-ins installed. Also, in the Java security settings, you must add the IP address you are using for the power supply to the “Exception Site List” located under the "Security" tab.  For Windows 7, you can find the Java settings in Control Panel. 
  3. Controls can still be made without Java, but on some machines it may cause intermittent issues.  Please install the latest version of Java (visit  The web interface requires minimum Java 1.6 to load correctly.
  4. If intermittent issues still exist, please disconnect ethernet cable between power supply to the network.  Try with a different known working ethernet cable and try again.  If problems still exist, obtain a cross-over ethernet cable.
  5. Connect cross-over ethernet cable directly from power supply to PC.
  6. Go into the system settings of the power supply by pressing menu + 1 .  Go to IP CONFIG and select STATIC and press Enter.
  7. Next, create an IP address easy to remember. (i.e. and press Enter.
  8. Now, press Esc to exit the system menu of the power supply.
  9. Open up the Local Area Connection settings within your PC.  For Windows XP, this is under "My Network Places".  For Windows 7, go into Control Panel and open up "Network and Sharing Center".  Locate the link that says "Local Area Connection" and click on it.
  10. A window will pop up.  Select "Properties" and another window will come up.  Select TCP/IP on the list, then click "Properties" button.
  11. Some computers will have IPv6 and IPv4 available.  Select IPv4 in this case.  If selection is not available, simply select TCP/IP.
  12. Select "Use the Following IP Address" and enter an IP that matches the IP of the power supply except for the last digit (i.e. If power supply IP is, enter here
  13. For Subnet mask, type in
  14. Leave everything else blank.  At the bottom, select "Use the following DNS server addresses" and leave the rest blank.
  15. Click "OK" on all windows to close.  Give the computer about 30 seconds or so for it to connect to the power supply.
  16. Now, open up browser and enter the IP address of the power supply to access the web interface.  Try again and see if intermittent issues exist.
- If intermittent problems are gone, than there may be problems caused by your internal network when supply is connected to the network.  In this case, contact your network administrator for help. 
- If problems are not gone, try to test this on another computer.  If problems do not exist on the second computer, than there are problems with the ethernet adapter/card on your first computer and may need to be replaced.  Contact your network administrator for help.
- If problems exist on the second computer, than there may be problems with the ethernet card inside the power supply.  In this case, contact B&K Precision immediately for further assistance.
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