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Program timing and range limits for dynamic sequences with 85XX DC Loads

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 03:16PM PDT
Applicable Models:  8500, 8502, 8510, 8512, 8514, 8518, 8520, 8522, 8524, 8526

The 8500 series DC electronic loads are fully programmable and have an internal built-in feature called "list mode" that allows storing and running dynamic sequence profiles to create various test scenarios.  Internally, each model in the series has a built-in 1 kHz transient generator that allows it to create transient conditions up to 1ms timing between load changes.

When using list mode, knowing the timing for programming sequences is important.  Below lists the adjustable timing range as well as the programmable value range of the 8500 series loads in all available modes using List mode function.

CC Mode -  1ms to 6000ms (per programmed step); 0.001 A to rated maximum
CV Mode -  1ms to 6000ms (per programmed step); 0.10 V to rated maximum
CW Mode -  2ms to 6000ms (per programmed step); 0.01 W to rated maximum
CR Mode -  20ms to 6000ms (per programmed step); 0.10 ohm to 4000 ohms

The programmable value ranges for each mode listed above also indicate the maximum programmable resolution corresponding to each mode.  Except for CC mode, which has a programmable resolution of 0.001 A, the other 3 modes (CV, CW, CR) have a programmable resolution of 0.01 (V, W, ohms for CV, CW, CR modes respectively). (Note:  This applies to list mode only.  under regular static operating, maximum resolution is different.  See datasheet specifications for details.)
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