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How to use software for datalogging with 725 thermo-hygrometer

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 03:17PM PDT

Applicable Models:  725

This article provides step by step procedure for using AK725 software in conjunction with 725 meter for datalogging.


To do Datalogging using internal memory, then retrieve from software, please follow the below steps:

1.       Setup your data logging interval.

a.      While meter is off, press and hold MAX MIN and then press Power on button.  Display will show “Set” and blinking.

b.      Press “Hold” button once and bottom of display will show Int xx:xx with m:s on top.  This means minutes:seconds.

c.       Use the up or down arrow keys to adjust the values for minutes.  To adjust seconds, press “Hold” once and the seconds values will blink.

d.      Once finished, press “Hold” once more and it will go back to the main display screen.

2.       To start datalogging, press the REC button and the display top right will show “REC” indicator.  To stop recording, press “REC” again, and you’ll notice REC indicator will disappear.

3.       To clear the memory, first turn off your meter.  Then, hold down “REC” button and then press power button.  Then release both buttons, and the display will show CLR and go back to the main display.

4.       Now, to retrieve your data from software, first make sure you connect it to a serial port on a PC.  Again, this does NOT work with serial to USB adapter.  You must have a physical serial port to connect with.

5.       Open the software, and it will first search for the device through the COM ports on the computer.  Once detected, it will open up the main display and the left side will show you a virtual image of the instrument, with the virtual display matching that of the physical display on the instrument.

6.       At the top menu on the software there is a “Datalogger” menu.  Click it, and the software will grab the information stored in the meter.  This will take anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds or more depending on how much data is stored.  If no data was stored, it will have a message to indicate that no data is in memory.

7.       If it finds recorded data, it will list them all out in a spreadsheet table showing you all the recorded data and every entry.  The top part will show a graph of those data that were logged.

8.       If you want to print the graph, use the print button.  If you want to extract the graph to some other image file format, right click anywhere on the graph and go to “Export dialog…”.  Select the format you want to export and other settings and click Export.

9.       If you just want to save the data into a text file or CSV file, click the save button (disk icon at the top left) and you can choose text or CSV.  This can later be opened up by software such as Excel.



Real Time data from PC software:

1.       To start real time data logging, go to the main screen of the software (you can close any windows within the software).  The mainscreen shows the virtual Panel, Real Time Graph, and Real Time Tabular that has a table of data.

2.       At the top there is an input box that says “Real Time Sampling Rate” xx:xx MM:SS .  Again, MM:SS is for minutes:seconds.  Enter the interval you want to grab real time data.

3.       Once setup, press the “Play” icon next to the print button.

4.       It will start recording the data into the table in the interval you input.

5.       You can grab real time data and store/save the graph just like the way you have done from above steps.

6.       If you want to stop recording, click the “Stop” icon next to the “play” button.  It will ask you if you want to save data.  Click yes and you can save data to CSV.

7.       If you want to clear the graph and table data, go to “Edit” menu and select “clear real time tabular and graph”.
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