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How do I log data with PV8500 with an extra digit of resolution?

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 03:21PM PDT
Applicable Models:  8500, 8502, 8510, 8512, 8514, 8518, 8520, 8522, 8524, 8526
Applicable Software:  PV8500 V6.35 and V6.36

Q:  How do I log data with PV8500 with an extra digit of resolution?

A:  The 8500 series electronic DC load has the ability to operate on two ranges.  By default, range is turned off and the default operation allows control and measure of 10 mV resolution  for voltage (X.XX V) and 1 mA resolution (X.XXX A) for current.  When range is turned on, the lower operating range is capable of displaying 1 mV resolution for voltage and 0.1 mA resolution for current, giving it one extra digit of resolution. 

Some users may desire to operate in the lower range and have this extra digit of resolution available when testing and extracting data from the PV8500 software.  By default, the PV8500 software will automatically setup the load to run at the default range, showing 1 mV and 1 mA resolution for voltage and current respectively.  In order to setup the software to log the extra digit, users must follow the below instructions:
  1. Connect the IT-E131E or IT-E132 interface cable between the instrument and PC.  Setup all the serial port settings in the "Config" menu of the software and click "OK".
  2. Now, the load and PV8500 should be connected and the RX and TX light on the software and on the interface cable adapter should both be blinking.
  3. Locate the "PC Control / Panel Control" switch from the PV8500 from panel GUI at the bottom left below the Voltage/Resistance/Power graph.
  4. Click once to switch this to "Panel Control".
  5. Now, on the 8500 load, the display should not have the "RMT" indicator lid.  If it does, please redo the above steps again.  When not displayed, it means the load is in local mode.
  6. From the instrument front panel, press "Shift" + "0" to enter the menu system.
  7. Click OK to enter the "CONFIG" category and use the rotary knob to scroll until the screen shows "RANGE SELECT".  Press Enter button to go in.
  8. Use the arrow keys or the rotary knob until it says "ON" on the instrument display.  Now, press Enter to save this setting.
  9. Now press the "Esc" button a few times or until you have exit out of the menu system and the display goes back to the normal display, showing voltage and current.
  10. Now, press "Shift" + Up Arrow key to enable the extra digit to display for Voltage, and press "Shift" + Down Arrow key to enable extra digit to display for Current.  Now, you should see 1 mV resolution for voltage and 0.1 mA resolution for current.
  11. Go back to the PV8500 software front panel and switch back to "PC Control".  The "RMT" indicator should light up again on the instrument display.
  12. Now you can start logging data from the software with the extra digit of resolution.
Note:  If you click "Config" menu and change or reset your serial communication connection, the instrument will automatically reset to a default setting that automatically turns "OFF" the range.  If you close the PV8500 software or reset the serial communication at any time, you will need to follow the above steps again in order to log data with the extra digit of resolution.
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