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253xB and 255x digital storage oscilloscopes will not boot past the boot screen

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2018 09:41AM PDT
Applicable Models: 2530B, 2532B, 2552, 2553, 2554, 2555, 2556, 2557, 2558, 2559

Q:  How come my digital storage oscilloscope will not boot up past the boot screen? 

A:  The cause of the scope not getting past the boot screen can be caused by corrupted firmware from an unsuccessful firmware update or by a malfunction from previous use.

In the even that this happens, the scope may still be recoverable.  Try the following:
  1. Power off the oscilloscope.
  2. Wait a few seconds, then power on again and immediately press the MATH button rapidly.
  3. Keep pressing for a few seconds and the oscilloscope can bypass the boot screen in most instances.
  4. You may need to change back to your localized language by pressing UTILITY and go to the Language option from the menu to change the display language.

If these steps do not remedy the boot up issue, contact B&K Precision.
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