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PwrApp Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 01:15PM PDT
B&K Precision PwrApp Quick Start Guide

This guide provides instructions to connect your XLN-GL or 9170/9180 series power supply (with GPIB/LAN card option) with the B&K Precision PwrApp on your iPhone or iPad.

Connect Devices to Network

The first thing that must be done is configure your network router so that both the power supply and the iPhone or iPad are connected to the same network.  Most networks have a range of LAN IP addresses available via DHCP for assigning devices that want to connect.  Verify which LAN IP addresses are available for use within your router settings.  Every brand of routers have different ways to configure this.  Consult their user manual or help guide to find instructions for this configuration.

On the power supply, go into the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu and enter the IP address you want to assign.  The XLN has both STATIC (Assign your own LAN IP address) and DHCP (The router automatically assigns a LAN IP for the XLN) options, however we recommend using STATIC because it's better to have a fixed address to your device and is more compatible across all routers.

On the iPhone or iPad, turn on your WiFi and select your wireless network SSID.  Make sure your WiFi is connected to the same network as the power supply (coming from the same router).

Connect Power Supply to PwrApp

You can watch our video below to show you how to connect to the device using PwrApp, or follow the step by step instructions immediately following:

  1. Open up pwrApp on your Apple device.
  2. Tap the plus symbol in the top right corner of the app to add a power supply.
  3. Select your power supply model in Device Type.
  4. Tap on Device Properties to go back to the previous screen and if applicable, switch Legacy Firmware* to On.
  5. For Connection, enter the IP address of your power supply.
  6. This can be found in your System menu settings on the power supply.
  7. If IP address is not already specified, enter it in the power supply.
  8. For connection between the pwrApp and the power supply to occur, the IP addresses must match.
  9. Finally, enter in a display name for your power supply including additional comment if desired, and tap Save in the upper right corner.
  10. To connect, select your power supply from the Devices list and tap the Connect button.

*What is Legacy Firmware?
For users who purchased an XLN power supply before pwrApp's initial release on February 1, 2012, the Legacy Firmware setting should be set to On. Otherwise, the setting should be set to Off. Incorrect selection of the firmware will result in device communication errors when connecting.
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