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I want to create a ramping profile using a DC load using the MDL series

Last Updated: May 01, 2014 04:02PM PDT
Applicable Models:  All MDL series models

I want to create a ramping profile using a DC load using the MDL series.


Creating a ramping profile requires using list mode function of the MDL series by creating a fixed increment of steps.  List mode allows programming up to 84 steps, with each step's dwell time configurable from 20 us to 3600 s.

The limitation to take into consideration is the resolution of the steps between changes and the speed of the ramp.

As an example, consider a ramp from 0.5 A to 2.1 A in 2 seconds.

With 84 steps settable in a list, each step must have a dwell time of 23 ms to ramp within 2 seconds (2 sec / 84 steps = 23 ms/step)
As for each step's value, it must be set to 20 mA ((2.1 A - 0.5 A)/ 84 = 20 mA).

Therefore, the list will be configured as follows:
Step 1: 0.5 A, 23 ms
Step 2: 0.520 A, 23 ms
Step 3: 0.540 A, 23 ms
Step 4: 0.560 A, 23 ms
Step 5: 0.580 A, 23 ms
Step 84: 2.100 A, 23 ms

With the above configuration, the ramp is created with resolution of 20 mA per step.

If the change from the start to the end of the ramp is smaller, resolution can be increased for each step's value.
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