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Sync Output Signal 4050 and 4060 Function/Arb Generators

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019 04:35PM PDT
I cannot get a signal from the Sync Output even though is enabled, why is there no Sync signal?

These generators, when the Sync signal is enabled, output a signal through the dedicated BNC connector labeled "Sync Out" in the back of the unit. The signal, however, is very small. The width of the signal is TTL compatible, 50 ns width, not adjustable.

It is very common to miss this signal when using an oscilloscope. For example, if a user sets Channel 1 of the generator to 60hz, sine wave, at 2.5 Vpp, and connected to channel 1 of the oscilloscope. Adjust the oscilloscope to display the waveform and then, on channel 2 of the oscilloscope connect the Sync Out of the Function/Arb Generator most likely the Sync signal will be missed on the oscilloscope because the Sync signal is way to small. To see the Sync Signal the oscilloscope will need at least to have the time per division around to 100 ns.
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