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9115 - Creating a ramp remotely, why is not smooth?

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 04:34PM PDT
There is a command specific to control the voltage ramp of the 9115. The command is SOURCE:RISE (SOUR:RIS), and it allows the costumer to control how fast the voltage goes from one point to the next one. However, when queried those steps seems to be only down to 200 mV. However, in reality those steps are a lot smaller, they are around 10 ms. However, if the user queries the output (i.e. MEAS:VOLT)  while using the the ramp is being created, the ramp will look as if it has poor resolution and the time steps will be around 200 ms. However, in reality, the ramp is a lot smoother. 

The command MEAS:VOLT triggers a new measurement and acquires the reading and that takes about 200 ms. In reality, the smallest steps of the ramp are about 10 ms. This can be confirmed using an oscilloscope to visualize  the output of the power supply with a higher sampling rate.
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